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Imagine Development Solutions, Inc. founded in 2014 by a small group of college friends gone professional developers, engineers, and architects has the single goal of producing scalable enterprise software solutions to suit any business requirements. The individuals within our company have architected projects for numerous high profile clients spanning accross government, financial, and retail entities. We are excited that you are interested in us and hope that you will continue to explore our company. Our company is always interested in partnerships with other Independent Software Vendors so please feel free to contact us.

As an Independent Software Vendor we are always working on new projects which vary from open source to paid implementations. Please navigate to our Projects section to view our current library of projects.

As a Independent Software Vender, Imagine Development Solutions, Inc. focuses on best design, development, and implementation practices. The field of Software Engineering is ever changing and so we are as a corporation ever evolving along with it. Our vision for our software is following the standards as they are as well as forcasting where standards may be in the future. All applications produced by our team are designed with a Saas backend to enable our solutions to scale as needed so that they never become out of date. We try to utilize technology stacks across the board from a tradition LAMP Stack to .NET and even Node.js. We specialize in development on web and mobile platforms and look forward to what the future holds for these ever morphing platforms.

Our Vision is modular, portable, scalable software solutions that are platform agnostic. We grow as technology changes and we are excited to see where we can take the field next.

Jared Rainey

Executive Partner / Systems Architect

Jared has worked in all facets of web development for over 5 years.

Jeff Detmer

Executive Partner / Front-End Architect

Jeff has worked as a designer and Front-End Architect for over 3 years.

Anna Rainey

Executive Partner / Corporate Secretary

Anna keeps us running smoothly and puts our development egos in place when we need it.

A company is just a name without it's employees. Imagine Development Solutions, Inc. has some of the most intelligent, experienced, and driven staff members on the planet. Whether they are in the War Room white boarding out an architectural design, working side-by-side with a client to nail out some business requirements, or nerding it out playing some games these guys always give 100%!

Please feel free to contact our employees by any of the means provided by them. We are a socially driven software company so add us to your professional networks!

We here at Imagine Development Solutions, Inc. take great pride in our work and love the opportunity to share our projects with you. Please, take a moment to read up on our current projects listed in the tables below. We hope you enjoy them and please feel free to make our open source projects your own by forking them on Github.

Happy Browsing!

Custom Projects
Project Name Website Contributing Entities
No projects currently listed. Please check back later.
Open Source Projects
Project Name Website Contributing Entities
IDS Angular Toolbox Download from Github! IDS Development Group

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Below are several options for getting in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Our Phone Number
  • (678)995-1882
  • Our Address
  • 1265 Harwick Knoll Marietta, Ga 30066